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We Celebrate Life

At Funeral Choices, we provide experiences that celebrate life. We know that
togetherness and having a shared, uplifting service experience with family, friends,
and neighbors help healing begin.

Overview of Funeral Services

While many families still choose more traditional funeral services, others prefer to create new and unique experiences. Regardless of your needs, we promise to help arrange a truly meaningful celebration of your loved one’s life.

Gathering, Visitation and Viewing

A gathering of family and friends is often referred to as a viewing or visitation. Traditionally the casket is present, either open or closed. These gatherings can be held at the funeral home, church or place of worship, or other acceptable venues allowing friends and family to come together and pay their final respects to the person who has died. It is also a time for closure, when those left behind can say goodbye.

Explore Your Options

Here are some common examples of funeral services chosen most often by the family’s we serve. We can tailor any of these options to meet your individual needs.

  • Viewing or visitation hours, followed by the funeral service at church
  • Viewing or visitation hours, followed by the funeral service in the funeral home chapel
  • Viewing or visitation hours, followed by the graveside ceremony
  • Church or chapel service, followed by graveside ceremony
  • Graveside service, followed by memorial services
  • Graveside service with no viewing or visitation
Explore Your Options
Service Venues

Service Venues

You can have funeral services at a variety of venues; such as at your church or place of worship, in our chapel or at the graveside (or mausoleum).

Church Ceremony

The church has meant so much to your family and your community. Perhaps you were dedicated there as an infant, baptized there as a child or celebrated your marriage there surrounded by family and friends. It only makes sense to involve your church family in your final life event of a funeral.

We believe in supporting the church as much as you do. That’s why; we specialize in funerals at your local church where you’ll be surrounded by the ones you love in a place familiar and dear to your heart.

Church funerals are typically scheduled in the morning, and are followed by the graveside committal service.

Church Ceremony
Chapel Service

Chapel Service

Chapel services are popular with families whose loved one was not affiliated with a church at the time of their passing, families who are located outside of our area or those who may not be able to attend a lengthy church service.

When you choose to hold a service in our chapel, it eliminates the need to convert a visitation room for a funeral (like many of the other funeral homes in our area). This dedicated room features seating for your guests, the latest in audio and video equipment and a welcoming décor.

Our beautiful, inviting chapel provides the perfect setting for services of any type.

Graveside Ceremony

A graveside service can be anything from a small, casual gathering of family and close friends, to a larger grouping with a formal schedule of events. Many times, the graveside ceremony will follow a time of visitation at the funeral home, a funeral service in church or place of worship, or our chapel. Some families choose to have a graveside service, followed by a memorial service in the future.

You may also choose to only have a service at the graveside. Family and friends would gather at the cemetery for the committal service of the casket.

Clergy, friends or loved ones may take an active part in the graveside ceremony. Service, poems may be read or a special song can be sung.

Graveside Ceremony
Memorial Services and Life Celebrations

Memorial Services and Life Celebrations

Many families are forgoing traditional services for more contemporary ones. A memorial service or life celebration service may be the perfect option to share memories of that special loved one. Typically, the casket is not present for these services and the service is held before or after the deceased is buried or entombed.

These services can be performed at a local restaurant, reception center, country club, hotel banquet facility, a family member’s home or even in a park. The possibilities are endless.

Personalizing Your Experience

Memorable Tribute Services

Our expert staff is here to help you plan a truly memorable celebration of life for your loved one. whether you are planning a burial or cremation, we encourage you to consider our tribute services. These offerings will forever personalize your service.

Memorial Webcasting and Taping of Services

Memorial Webcasting

Do you have family members in another state or overseas who are unable to attend the service? No one should have to miss their loved one’s funeral. We can broadcast the funeral service live over the internet.

Certified Celebrant

Certified Celebrant

A celebrant is a professional who is trained and certified to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. This expert can help your family create a personalized tribute service to celebrate your loved one’s unique life. You may choose to use a Celebrant alone or in conjunction with your clergy. If you want an uplifting service that pays tribute to your loved one’s life or if you are not affiliated with a church, a Celebrant service may be the perfect option.


The bagpipe provides a solemn, powerful song, making it the ideal instrument for funerals and memorials. For hundreds of years, people far and wide have bid farewell to their dearly departed with the music of the pipes. We can help you commemorate a loved one with this noble music tribute.



Friends, relatives, church members or business associates may serve as pallbearers.

Military Honors

We can help you honor your military member with a flag ceremony, color guard, trumpeter or even a final gun salute. We work with all branches of the military and can make all the proper arrangements easily and efficiently.

Earth-Friendly Options

Eco-friendly and Economical

Eco-friendly and Economical

Since majority of green burials do not include embalming or any preparation process, or costly burial containers, it can be very economical. The body is placed in an eco-friendly casket, made from biodegradable materials such as select woods, bamboo and seaweed, allowing nature to take its course. Inquire with us about this option. Cemeteries may have restrictions out of our control.

Leave Behind an Honorable Legacy and a Sustainable Future

We strive to help families remember a life more ways than you can imagine. that’s why we offer earth-friendly funerals. Because it maintains the most natural form of burial, a green funeral (also known as earth-friendly or eco-friendly) is the ideal choice for those who are mindful of the environment.

Leave Behind an Honorable Legacy and a Sustainable Future

Go Green with Our Firm

Our staff specializes in an array of earth-friendly funeral services, including:

  • Burials with no preparation or embalming
  • Private viewings without embalming or use of toxic chemical
  • Eco-friendly caskets
  • Burials without grave liners or burial vaults
Go Green with Our Firm


What is a Green Burial?

Green burial is an alternative burial practice that emphasizes simplicity and environmental sustainability. The body is not prepared with chemicals such as embalming fluid. It is simply placed in a biodegradable casket, shroud or a favorite blanket and is interred without a concrete burial vault. The gravesite is allowed to return to nature as quickly as possible.


Below are resources that can help you make informed decisions about earth-friendly services. Please call one of our directors or email us for more information anytime.

Green Burial Council
Passages International
A Greener Future

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